Over the years, Stephen A. Smith has made it very well known that he doesn't like the Dallas Cowboys and their fans. As a reporter who started his career in Philadelphia, it's easy to see why Smith would hate the Cowboys given they are a direct rival of the Philadelphia Eagles. Regardless, Smith has tirelessly used his platform to besmirch the Cowboys, and this season, in particular, he has had all the more reason to do so.

On Monday morning, Smith was especially fiery on First Take as the Cowboys were fresh off of a win against the Minnesota Vikings. Following the win, Cowboys fans were boasting about how at 3-7, they could still make the playoffs. Smith was livid about this reality and let it be known as he completely ripped into Cowboys fans across the nation.

"People think I'm joking when I say I have nothing against the Cowboys. It's their fans I absolutely despise," Smith said. "I can't stand these people. They make me sick. There's nothing worse than a Cowboys fan. Absolutely positively nothing. They are 3-7 as of yesterday, their last win was on October 11th. They went one month and 11 days without winning a damn game. They had a 2-7 record walking into yesterday," Smith continued saying before explaining how his friend, who's a Cowboys fan, called him up gloating about how the team would win the division. 

If the Cowboys, do, in-fact end up winning the division, then we can be sure Smith will go full scorched earth on First Take in the near future, which is something we are all looking forward to.

Stephen A. Smith

Mike Windle/Getty Images for ESPN