Stephen A. Smith has been one of the most entertaining men in sports media for a very long time. Every single day, Smith gets on ESPN's First Take and delivers some pretty entertaining hot takes that always get the fans riled up. Whether you love him or hate him, there is no denying that Stephen A. serves a larger purpose, and that purpose is making you feel as conflicted as ever. Some days you're going to agree, and others you're going to be upset, that's what makes it so fun.

For some, Smith's character on TV could be likened to that of a wrestler who is always playing the heel or the villain. These characters polarize by the fans but always help move the narrative along, usually for the better. Today, Smith expressed his interest in the wrestling villain aesthetic as he interviewed Triple H and Drew McIntyre of the WWE. 

In the clip above, Smith notes that if he were in the WWE, he would want to be a villain and that it seemed as though Triple H was trying to recruit him. Unfortunately, this was not the case, although we can't help but imagine what it would be like for Smith to be in the ring. It would surely make for some prime entertainment.