Thanksgiving is finally here and Americans throughout the country are excited to finally sit down with their families and have a huge meal. When it comes to the sports world, Thanksgiving is great because it provides us with a full day of football. With this in mind, it shouldn't be surprising that big networks like ESPN are still operating today and, of course, Stephen A. Smith is working as well.

Smith took his normal chair on First Take this morning and was sitting across from none other than his co-host, Max Kellerman. Kellerman began grilling Smith on his outfit due to the fact he is normally adamant about wearing a suit. On today's show, Smith had on some baggy jeans, a white quarter zip, and even an olive vest, which looked pretty fly. This prompted Stephen A. to go on a whole rant about his fit and it was yet another classic clip from the First Take host.

As Smith explained, he needed the baggy jeans in case anything spilled on him. He even talked about his vest and how it's arguably the best part of his outfit. The First Take host was seeing his sister later in the day and needed to be looking right when he ate his lasagna which he says was in the midst of being cooked in the oven.

While nothing important was being talked about here, one thing is for certain: Stephen A. Smith can make anything funny.