NBA fans were treated to Game 1 of the NBA Finals last night and unfortunately, it turned out to be a massive blowout. The Heat were unable to keep up with the Lakers and as soon as some of their best players got injured, the game was over. Now, players like Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic are going to miss even more time this series, which means the Heat are in for a rough time, especially considering just how talented the Lakers are.

Today on First Take, Stephen A. Smith was asked about the Miami Heat and what their chances are looking like as the series moves forward. As the ESPN host snarkily explained, the only way the Heat can come through is if they are delivered some divine intervention. Simply put, the Heat need to start praying if they want any shot at the Larry O'Brien trophy.

Coming into this series, many had the Lakers winning it all although the prediction was in six games or maybe even five. After Game 1, it seems like some analysts believe the Lakers are going to come out and win this in 4, which despite all of the injuries, still feels a bit unlikely.

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