Baker Mayfield has received a ton of criticism during his short career in the NFL. As a member of the Cleveland Browns, Mayfield has yet to make the playoffs and at times, he seems like a shell of what many fans believe him to be. Despite being 4-2 this season, Mayfield has had a couple of bad performances, including last Sunday against the Steelers, when he threw two interceptions in a blowout loss. Following that game, Mayfield was lambasted by the media, to which Mayfield said he doesn't care what people have to say.

Today on First Take, Smith seemed to take issue with Mayfield's stance, as he unleashed on the young quarterback, stating just how bad things have been for him this season. Smith even mentioned that despite the winning record, his receivers don't even want to play with him.

"He looked god awful against Pittsburgh. They're not winning because of him in Cleveland, they're winning in spite of him," Smith said. "Baker Mayfield doesn't need to give a damn about me or what I have to say. But I got two eyes. I've got 20/20 vision. I see you dancing in the pocket, the second your first option isn't available to you. You know that Odell Beckham Jr. is going to want out. You know that Jarvis Landry is going to go out. You've got guys at 4-2, complaining about the team."

Mayfield seems to see everything the media says about him, so it will be fun to see whether or not he had a response to Smith. After all, he's proven he has no problems clapping back at the media.