Stephen A. Smith's hatred for the Dallas Cowboys runs deep. Every single game, he wishes "America's Team" the absolute worst, and more often than not, his wishes are granted. This season, Smith's distaste for the Cowboys has been especially well-justified given the fact the team has been awful defensively. The latest example of this was on Sunday when the Cowboys shockingly lost to the Cleveland Browns by a score of 49-38. The Cowboys had no answer for the Brown, and it was quite an embarrassing showing.

Today on First Take, Smith took the occasion to deliver a verbal beatdown on the Cowboys, as he ripped them for their defensive effort. It felt like Smith was reading out the names of the entire defensive roster, as he criticized their play and how they have been missing in action for the better part of four weeks. Smith even took aim at defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, saying the last time he was relevant, he had Ray Lewis on his team.

These were all some pretty scathing remarks although they are par for the course with Smith. If the Cowboys want to avoid such comments in the future, well, they are going to have to get it together in the last three-quarters of the season.

The NFC East is a disaster right now and a few good games would most certainly change their fortunes.