Over the last two seasons, the Toronto Raptors have made a lot of analysts look as though they have no idea what they are talking about. Of course, last season was especially huge for the Raptors as they won the NBA title, against all of the odds that were stacked against them. This season, they have had to play without Kawhi Leonard and as a result, many thought they wouldn't amount to much. In the end, this proved to be a horrible prediction as the Raptors cruised to 2nd place in the Eastern Conference.

Last night, the Raptors came out and won a thrilling game against the Boston Celtics to tie their series up at 3-3. As a result of this big win, Stephen A. Smith was forced to offer the team an apology on First Take, as he admitted to selling them short for much of the season.

As Smith explained, he simply didn't think the Raptors had it in them, especially when the Celtics were leading the series at 2-0. With the way Kyle Lowry is playing, Smith thinks the Raptors have a real shot at defeating the Celtics on Friday, which will be the deciding Game 7. Even Smith's co-host Max Kellerman is picking the Raptors to win as he thinks Pascal Siakim could break out and have a monstrous game.

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