Cleveland Browns fans were rejoicing yesterday as their team defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers to solidify their spot in the NFL playoffs. This is the first time the team will be in the postseason since 2002, which is a major accomplishment. The team has been abysmal for the better part of two decades and despite putting up with it, Browns fans were growing tired of the losing. Now, they finally get to experience football past Week 17.

On ESPN's First Take this morning, Stephen A. Smith offered up his prediction for what he thinks is going to happen to the Browns in their Wild Card matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers. As you will see, Browns fans won't find this one too amusing.

"They will go to the Steel City this Sunday, and they will GO DOWN! It's nice that you're in the playoffs, but now it's time to go home," Smith said. After delivering this statement, Smith praised Baker Mayfield for doing a great job in the second half of the season although it's pretty clear that Smith believes in Ben Roethlisberger, a whole lot more.

The Steelers are favored to defeat the Browns but considering the Steelers have struggled as of late, perhaps the Browns could find the momentum to go out and steal a win. If the Browns were to make it far in the postseason, it would immediately undo the years of pain this organization has had to face.

Stephen A. Smith

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images