It's been an interesting weekend for Colin Kaepernick. The polarizing former quarterback was finally given an opportunity to workout for the NFL, but he switched up the plans last minute which threw things into chaos. The NFL claimed Kaepernick was a no show, although the former athlete simply moved the venue so that the press could be present. Kaepernick was opting for more transparency and accountability, but it looks like his plan backfired a bit. Stephen A. Smith was quick to comment on the situation, posting a rant on Saturday after the entire thing occurred. Smith claimed that the NFL owners wanted a "shield."

They preferred no press be present so that if they did choose to pass on Kaepernick, their names wouldn't be dragged through the media. Essentially, the NFL wanted to provide the owners some anonymity so that they could make a decision without being criticized for potentially passing on signing Kaepernick. Eric Reid, a close friend of Kaepernick who also began kneeling while on the San Francisco 49ers, came at Smith on social media. Reid said that Kaepernick wasn't going to be "tap dancing for the NFL," and then went straight after Smith's rant. Of course, the sportscaster came back with a response almost immediately. Check it out below.