Stephen A. Smith is easily one of the most vocal people on television right now, so it should come as no surprise that he has a lot of thoughts about Kyrie Irving, who has been a trending topic in the NBA this season. For the most part, Kyrie has been a topic of conversation for all of the wrong reasons, and Smith has made sure to give his unfiltered thoughts on Kyrie's vaccine hesitancy.

At times, Smith's takes have come across as those of a hater, and on Tuesday, Smith didn't shy away from that perception while talking about Kyrie and the Nets. As you will see in the clip below, Smith goes as far as to say that a Nets championship this season would be a worst-case scenario for the NBA. In Smith's eyes, it would simply enable Kyrie's erratic behavior.

Stephen A. Smith

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for REVOLT

"I think it would be a disaster if the Brooklyn Nets won the championship," Smith said. "And the reason why I feel that way is because of liberties Kyrie Irving has taken in the past before there was even a vaccine issue. Remember, this is the dude that needed time off when the riots at the US Capitol took place because mentally he just wasn't there and he could walk away from the game of basketball. Now, it's the vaccine as an excuse not to be at the Barclay's Center."

Fans have been quick to criticize Smith for his Kyrie takes, although the First Take host doesn't seem to care. He knows that his hot takes will get people's attention, and so far, it has done wonders for the show's ratings as the program now has newfound momentum.