By now, it's well-documented that Stephen A. Smith has a large distaste for the Dallas Cowboys. So much so, that last week, the Atlanta Falcons gifted Smith one of their jerseys ahead of their matchup against Dallas, which went down on Sunday. For the better part of the afternoon, things were going Smith and the Falcons' way, as they were up 20-0 in the first half. In the second half, it was much of the same, with the Falcons up 39-24 with around seven minutes to go.

From there, things turned from good to abysmal as the Cowboys stormed back and defeated the Falcons 40-39 on a last-second field goal. Fans couldn't believe their misfortune, and neither could Smith, who annihilated the team on First Take, this morning. As Smith said, the team is poorly coached and that something needs to change, otherwise, they will forever be mired in mediocrity.

"The Atlanta Falcons might be the dumbest team I've witnessed in the modern era. ... Dan Quinn's gotta go!" Smith stated.

Had the Falcons won, we would have gotten a fantastic rant against the Cowboys but since this is 2020, we can't seem to ever have nice things. Either way, Falcons slander will always be tolerated, especially since their last Super Bowl appearance.