Over the years, Stephen A. Smith has been very vocal when it comes to matters involving America's Team, otherwise known as the Dallas Cowboys. From quarterback signings to their head coach, Smith is always quick to offer up some criticism that gets the entire fanbase into a depression. In light of recent events in America, Smith has plenty more reasons to be critical and today on First Take, the notorious sports talk television host didn't skip a beat.

As Smith explained, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is one of the most vocal and visible owners in the entire NFL. However, now that there are protests all across the country, Jones has gone completely silent. Smith is disappointed in Jones and wishes he would use his platform to speak up against social and racial injustice.

Smith feels as though Jones' silence is deafening right now and that he needs to take a stand with his players. Recently, the NFL came out in support of its players kneeling during the anthem and are even donating $250 million to anti-systemic racism efforts.

As for Jones, it remains to be seen on what he decides to do. Jones has knelt alongside his players in the past although that effort seemed entirely performative given his statements in the past. Regardless, Smith raises a good point as we're the Cowboys players wish their owner was a bit more involved on social issues.