Stephen A. Smith hates the Dallas Cowboys more than any other team in professional sports. His distaste for the franchise is almost immeasurable and surprisingly, he hates the fanbase even more than he hates the team. Whenever the Cowboys are losing, Smith makes it a point to roast Cowboys supporters, and it always makes for some entertaining television.

On Sunday, the Cowboys are going up against the New York Giants in a game that can potentially put them in the playoffs. If the Cowboys win and the Washington Football Team loses, well, the Cowboys will make the postseason with an abysmal record of 7-9.

Taking to Twitter today, Smith decided to address Cowboys fans, noting that if the team misses the playoffs, they will be in for quite the rude awakening.

"Sup you Cowboys fans, you think I forgot about y'all," Smith asked. "I know y'all happy, feeling yoself thinking you about to go to the playoffs. But remember, you gotta win and the Washington Football Team has got to lose. And remember one more thing while y'all sitting there with your arrogant selves, what can go wrong, will go wrong. We'll see. See y'all later. Don't you miss the playoffs. Otherwise, you do not want to see me tomorrow."

Smith's rants against the Cowboys are always legendary and if they somehow miss out on the playoffs, then First Take is about to be a bloodbath. Only time will tell whether or not it happens.

Stephen A. Smith

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for STARZ