Stephen A. Smith is one of the most outspoken commentators in the current landscape of sports media. Never one to shy away from criticizing the actions of athletes like Kyrie Irving or Aaron Rodgers or unleashing scorching hot takes like his recent theory about the New York Knicks, Stephen A. Smith has put in decades of work as a journalist to be the respected and highly paid sports television personality that he is today.

That being said, Stephen A. Smith has also ventured into the world of acting, and his most recent appearance on ABC's daytime soap opera General Hospital is currently catching everyone's attention. In the clip seen below, Stephen A. Smith's character is seen saving the day by stopping an unruly gunman in a slow-motion action sequence.

Since March 2016, Stephen A. Smith has hit General Hospital from time to time as the mysterious surveillance Brick. According to UproxxGeneral Hospital, which has been airing continuously since the 1960s, is Steven A.'s favorite soap opera, and he always jumps at the opportunity to reprise his role as Brick in ABC's long-running daytime soap. Smith's most recent appearance on General Hospital is described by Uproxx as "more dramatic than usual," and it marks the sports commentator's third appearance on the soap opera this year.

After checking out the clip, have Stephen A. Smith's slow-motion heroics inspired you to start watching General Hospital? And if you're already an avid fan of ABC's decade-spanning soap opera, were you excited to see Stephen A. Smith make yet another appearance on General Hospital as Brick this year?