Quavo and Kendrick Perkins appeared on First Take today where they attempted to squad their longstanding beef. The issues between the two all started when Quavo wrote the lyric "Get no playing time, Kendrick Perkins" in a song. This angered the former NBA player and the two have been going back and forth, ever since. Finally, they got to speak face to face, and if you saw the segment then you would know that it wasn't particularly productive.

Even Stephen A. Smith was pretty annoyed by the whole thing as he interjected in the midst of the segment saying ""KP let me say this man, I knew absolutely, positively nothing about this 'beef' or whatever it is between y'all. I knew nothing about this literally until y'all both came on the air. Let me say this to you, Quavo loves his basketball, knows his basketball. You a champion, clearly a paid analyst on this network. You know your basketball and now it's about us talking basketball, how 'bout that? Are we good?"

Stephen A. Smith

Rob Carr/BIG3/Getty Images

Once the segment came to a close, Smith continued to give his take on the matter saying "I wasn't [entertained]. No, I wasn't. I didn't like it one bit. Because I don't. I'm gonna leave it at that. I don't. I had nothing to do with that. I didn't know anything about it." Smith has been adamant about his distaste for petty beef in the past, and it's clear that he wanted no parts of what was intended to be some sort of viral moment.

It's hard to disagree with Smith especially when you consider how First Take is his job and it's something that he has always taken seriously, even if you don't like his opinion.