Stephen A. Smith is a man of many talents. He is one of the most entertaining sports broadcasters in the world and his work with ESPN's First Take is some of the best we've ever seen. In fact, we recently looked back at some of his best moments as a way to pay homage to a television legend. Smith is currently working for ESPN which means he is a Disney employee. Disney also owns ABC who was doing the live broadcast for the Oscars. With this in mind, Disney thought it would be great to have Stephen A. be a host on the Oscars after show.

Yes, that's right. Stephen A. minus Max Kellerman was giving his hot takes on who should have and shouldn't have won awards. Smith was a bit critical of Bong Joon-Ho's best director win although he did enjoy the foreign film winning best picture. 

Once TV viewers saw Smith on their screens, they immediately began to make jokes on Twitter. These jokes mostly centered around how the First Take host was analyzing films as though he was breaking down sports. Overall, the memes were pretty hilarious although they highlighted just how versatile Smith truly is. Whether he's disparaging the good name of Kwame Brown are praising Quentin Tarantino, Smith is always in his element.