There will be a Game 7 of the NBA Finals Sunday night in Oakland. 

LeBron James picked up right where he left off in Game 5, dominating the game from start to finish and leading the Cavs to a 115-103 Game 6 victory. LBJ had 41 points, 11 assists, eight rebounds, four steals and three blocks- one of which came at the expense of the NBA's MVP. 

Curry was plagued by foul trouble all night and when he finally picked up his sixth he blew a gasket, throwing his mouth guard into the crowd, drilling a fan in the face with it, and getting himself ejected from the game. That figures to cost him $25,000, although he did apologize to the fan before exiting the floor.

(And if that fan's smart he'll pick up that mouth guard and put that thing on the auction block.)

Curry's wife, Ayesha, was just as furious when her man fouled out and she also didn't hold back. Immediately after Steph was sent to the showers, Ayesha tweeted that the game was rigged for money, or ratings, and that she "won't be silent." 

Of course, she would later delete the tweet but not before someone could screen grab it.

A lot of Curry's fouls were definitely suspect, and after the game Steve Kerr stood up for his guy, saying, "Yeah, I'm glad he threw his mouth piece, he should be upset." He also added, "You're going to call these ticky-tack fouls on the league MVP I don't agree with that." He will also be hearing from the league about that.

Again, Game 7, 9pm on ABC.