Just a couple of weekends ago, it was reported that Sterling Brown of the Houston Rockets went to a strip club in Miami during a team trip. Brown ended up going to the club with his teammate Kevin Porter Jr., however, things took a serious turn after Brown was attacked by a group of men outside the club. It was stated that Brown got hit in the head with a massive bottle which led to a huge gash on his head, causing a lot of bleeding.

In a report from The Athletic, it was believed that Brown could have died from his injuries, had he not been in good shape. Now, police body cam footage of the incident has been released to the public, albeit without any audio.

Sterling Brown

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

In the clip below, courtesy of TMZ, you can see Brown with a white t-shirt pressed against his head. The whole shirt is covered in a shocking amount of blood and throughout the video, Brown is speaking with police who are trying to figure out what happened. During all of this, Porter Jr could be seen acting in an animated manner as he tried to explain what went down.

For now, Brown continues to recover from what went down, all while Porter Jr has been fined $50K for going to the strip club and violating the league's health protocols.