Could Steve Harvey and his wife, Marjorie, be having troubles with their marriage at the moment? For the past the month or so, people have noticed that Marjorie had not been wearing her wedding ring. While some may not think that’s a huge deal, Steve was just spotted not wearing his ring either, causing many to speculate the state of their marriage at the moment.

Spotted by MTO, Steve posted a picture yesterday on Instagram of him and his grandson, and in the picture Steve is clearly not wearing his wedding ring. It's unclear as for why the talk show host decided to take it off, if there’s a legit reason or purpose, but let's hope this is more likely a gossip rumor than factual. (see Steve’s pic below).

However, this isn’t the first time that Steve and Marjorie have faced "divorce" rumors. The couple has previously denied any problems with their relationship, but hopefully this is just another rumor.

Check out a pic of Marjorie without her wedding ring from a few days ago as well (below).