Just before Game 2 of the NBA Finals got underway, Golden State head coach Steve Kerr appeared at the pre-game conference wearing a Vote For Our Lives t-shirt, a phrase synonymous with the initiative to vote in politicians who support stricter gun control measures in the United States.

According to Kerr, wearing the shirt was only right in the aftermath of a Virginia Beach shooting that left 11 people dead.

"The shirt's a reminder that the only way we can get out of this mess is to actually vote and to vote for people who are going to be willing to create some change in our gun laws, in our country," he told reporters, adding, "The March for Our Lives generation has really inspired me...Hopefully, we can create a change where we won't have to walk around scared that we'll get shot."

It isn't the first time Kerr has spoken out about such a topic, particularly praising the young organizers of the March For Our Lives movement that took off following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

"I think it's phenomenal what those kids are doing," Kerr once said. "It's heroic. It's heartfelt. I think it's the beginning of some change. I really believe that. I'm amazed every time I see them on TV and online. It's heartbreaking but inspiring all at once."