Klay Thompson hurt his ACL during the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors last summer and since then, he has been out of the Golden State Warriors lineup. Coming back from an ACL tear is no easy task, although Thompson has been committed to staying the course and returning to the Warriors squad which proved this year that they desperately need him.

Today, Thompson made a huge step forward as he had his first full practice with the team. According to Steve Kerr, Thompson is moving around decently enough although he has some work to do before he is up to game speed again.

“This was his first practice coming off an ACL injury,” Kerr said. “I didn’t expect him to be in top form and he was not. But he moved well and it was a great first step. Klay got a lot of good work in and was able to gauge where he is right now.”

This is huge news for the Warriors who could return to contender status next year once they have Thompson and Curry back in the lineup at 100 percent. Moving forward, this Warriors team is about to extremely dangerous, and the Western Conference is going to need to be on high alert.