Kevin Durant's run with the Golden State Warriors was certainly one for the history books. As a member of the Warriors, Durant made three-straight NBA Finals and was able to win two titles, as well as two Finals MVPs. At the end of his contract, Durant had realized he no longer fit in with the rest of the team, and decided to team up with Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn, where KD hopes to bring the city its very first NBA championship.

During the most recent episode of the "All The Smoke" podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr spoke about Durant and his legacy in Oakland. As Kerr explained, no one on the team was surprised when KD left, and that they all knew Durant wanted to carve out his legacy somewhere else. With this in mind, Kerr noted the Warriors were happy for KD and never held his decision against him.

“It didn’t surprise us. We all had a sense that Kevin’s probably looking to move on and take on a new challenge. He’d been here three years and won two championships and been Finals MVP twice. It was just, for his own personal career, time for a new challenge and we all totally respected that,” Kerr said.

Both Kerr and Durant experienced difficult seasons as KD was out with an Achilles injury. Meanwhile, the Warriors had the worst record in the entire NBA after injuries to Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. As of next season, they will be in for some big comebacks.