When Michael Jordan retired from the game of basketball in 1993 to pursue a career in baseball, people were very confused. He had just won three championships and was easily the best basketball player in the world. Had he continued, the Chicago Bulls could have easily won eight titles in a row. Of course, we will never know if this would have been true but regardless, we can still fantasize about it.

Over the past few decades, fans have theorized that MJ left basketball for more sinister reasons. For instance, some think Jordan was actually suspended indefinitely for gambling. Jordan's teammates have denied this over the years, specifically Steve Kerr who recently spoke to Rachel Nichols about that very subject. As he explains, Jordan was simply burnt out from the previous three seasons.

“I will always maintain that the reason he went and played baseball was because he was fried emotionally from the scrutiny that really only he felt.” Kerr said. “Just watching him, by the time I got there, watching the life that he led compared to everybody else — it was insane.”

Perhaps Kerr's comments will put to rest all of the rumors that have been surrounding Jordan since the 90s. Of course, this is an optimistic take when you consider how Twitter is never satisfied, regardless of how logical an explanation might be.