Ted Cruz has been in the news quite a bit as of late and none of it is for flattering reasons. The Texas Senator recently got into a ton of trouble on social media as it was revealed that he had completely bailed on his state in the middle of what is one of the worse crises in the history of Texas. Millions of people can't get access to water right now, all while hundreds of thousands of people are without power, all because of some snow. The state's leadership has been incompetent, and Cruz's absence speaks volumes to what he thinks about his constituents.

Cruz has been on the defense throughout this ordeal, claiming that he only went on vacation so that he could be a good father, since it is what his kids wanted. Cruz was rightfully roasted for trying to blame this on his kids, and now, NBA head coach Steve Kerr is roasting Cruz over the deal, sarcastically writing “1, 2, 3, ‘CAN-CUN!’” on Twitter.

Kerr has never been shy to share his political opinions, especially when it comes to Republicans and some of the more questionable things they have done over the years. There are plenty of others who are echoing Kerr's sentiments right now, especially since Texas is in a state of chaos that many didn't think to be possible.

Hopefully, Texas leadership comes together and finally figures out how to help everyone.

Ted Cruz

Jabin Botsford - Pool/Getty Images