When the Golden State Warriors signed Kevin Durant, the team became stacked. Two seasons (and championships) later, they signed DeMarcus Cousins, and that was perceived as straight overkill. The Warriors now look like an Olympic Team, but coach Steve Kerr says that Cousins won't be around for long. The talented big man is currently still recovering from an injury last season, but his presence on the team has been felt.

Speaking with the press on Thursday, Kerr revealed that Cousins was signed to a one and done contract. “We made no bones about it when we signed him,” Kerr said. “It’s a one-year deal. We’re not going to have money to sign him next year. He knows that. So we’d like him to help us win a championship. And we’d like to help him get a great contract next year, somewhere else.”  If Cousins can prove he can work well with others and stay healthy, he may lock down a lucrative contract elsewhere next year. The one year with the Warriors will put $5.3 million in Cousins' pocket. He took the reduced rate for the deal, because, who wouldn't? The Warriors have a good chance of achieving the fabled three-peat, a feat that hasn't been accomplished since Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal pulled it off in the early 00's.