Steve Lacy had a brush with death after he was hit by a drunk driver, completely wrecking his car and nearly losing his life.

The 22-year-old talented artist is happy to be alive following a serious car accident this week. He shared photos of the crash, as well as a statement about what happened.

"That i’m still alive glow hit different," wrote Steve Lacy on Instagram. In the picture, he's standing in front of his totalled whip. "Please don’t drink n drive people. this drunk fuck hit me head on and ran," he added. "Def accepted my fate, but we still here. black lives matter tho bish we not done."

The picture shows tremendous damage to the vehicle that Steve was in. Airbags were deployed inside the Tesla, contributing to the guitarist still being with us today.

People are glad to see that he's not seriously injured from the crash. His friends Zack Fox, BJ The Chicago Kid, Chloe x Halle, Buddy, Kevin Abstract, Kyle, and more have all sent their love in the comments.

As he would, the artist jumped right back into protest mode, representing the Black Lives Matter movement in the same post.

Thankfully, Steve Lacy is still here to speak about what happened.