Steve-O, star of the Jackass franchise, says that he's considered making a "comedy gangster rap album" featuring Too $hort and other rappers he's had on his podcast, Wild Ride!. Steve-O hosts the show alongside Scott Randolph.

“We’ve had so many artists on my podcast, and we just floated it out there, ‘If I made a comedy gangster rap album, would you be down to feature on it?’" Steve-O recently told HipHopDX. "I mean, maybe the people are just being nice because they’re on my podcast and they don’t want to say that there, but it really feels like I can put together a very star-studded project. And if I can just wrap my head around the idea of it, you know, work through the scar tissue of that last experience, I think it could be really fun and funny.”

Steveo-O, Jackass
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

As for who he'd want on the album, he explained that Too $hort is someone he already fielded a response from.

“I told Too $hort I have one idea for sure already, which is a song called, ‘I Love My Girl, But …'” he told the outlet. “Too $hort’s immediate response was, ‘Aw, I’m already on that.’ Just about a week out of every month, my girl is possessed by this fucked-up demon. I can’t fuck with the demon, man. You know? I dip out and try and just fucking go on a road trip when the demon shows up, and then I’m fucked because the demon has my number."

As for other options, Steve-O says he's had RZA, Flava Flav, and more on the podcast.

Jackass Forever is expected to be released on February 4, 2022.