Regardless of whether or not he’s blind, Stevie Wonder’s music is dope. The fact that he’s blind only makes his accomplishments more impressive. However, there’s a hilarious conspiracy theory that Stevie Wonder isn’t actually blind. We’ll get into the details of that later, but in a recent “interview” with TMZ, Stevie seemed to acknowledge the rumors.

Stopped at Los Angeles International Airport, Stevie responds to questions about a possible reality TV series before diverting into a story that he has flown a plane twice and also landed a plane once. We get flying because he could just sit in the cockpit and hold the controls steady for a while, but landing is not something you can do without sight.

Stevie Wonder goes on to dramatically say that, “I will reveal the truth.” Now, there’s a very high probability that the pop and soul legend was just trolling the TMZ reporter. Even if that is the case, it’s still awesome to realize that Stevie Wonder is aware of the conspiracy theory about his sight.

Speaking of the conspiracy rumors, here’s a video of Stevie Wonder catching a falling mic stand. Intrigued? Read a comprehensive overview of the theory and consider yourself converted.