In the months leading up to Kodak Black's incarceration, the young Floridian rapper was stirring the pot more than ever before. Whether beefing with T.I. and Tiny, disrespecting Lauren London, or sending shots at Lil Wayne, Kodak was never far from a confrontation -- nor was he afraid to burn a bridge with an O.G. On that note, one of the strangest instances occurred when Kodak revealed a hostile encounter with Sticky Fingaz of Onyx, which ultimately led to a gun being drawn. At the time, Kodak infamously stated: "I ain't like his old head energy."

A little over a year since that still-mysterious encounter, Onyx hit up No Jumper for an interview. Never afraid to ask the tough questions, Adam 22 boldly inquires about the Kodak Black situation, maintaining that we haven't exactly heard the entire story from all sides. Sticky claims that there's no beef, going so far as to send the incarcerated young rapper his blessings. Adam proceeds to pour gasoline on the fire by offering a spoken-word rendition of Kodak's infamous proclamation, opening the door for Sticky to speak on the matter.

Sticky Fingaz Kodak Black No Jumper

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

"Listen, I make records," says Sticky. "Not to disrespect nobody cause I'm an OG in this shit, and I'm here to bring the light. Cause I'm darkness. Let's think about the person we're talking about. This is the same person that tried to bring mad shit through a Canadian border. The same person that said disrespectful shit about Nipsey Hussle. The character of the person we're talking about, the drugs."

Fredro Starr interjects, determined to steer the conversation away from the Kodak direction. Adam acknowledges that Onyx has been known to sound off on media hosts, citing their hostile encounter with Charlamagne Tha God as a prime example. Starr responds by saying the issues tend to be solved behind the scenes with far less coverage, and that while an interviewer should ask hard questions, they should know when to accept an answer and move on. Though Adam does attempt to push the thread a little further, Starr firmly yet fairly nips it in the bud. 

Check it out for yourself below.