Vic Mensa has received a lot of criticism for trying to speak on XXXTentacion and abusers during the BET Awards. Stitches was one of the first to come out of the gate. Now, the rapper wants to add to his initial expression since "nobody is using their platform to say the real point that needs to be said."

A video was uploaded with a long caption, both detailing his beef with Mensa. Stitches first starts by naming the reasons why he thinks Vic has shown blatant disrespect. First, he points to the fact that the man has passed away. Second, X's mom being present during the ordeal added to the "disrespect."

Stitches swears on his kids that he'll post up to Vic with violence.

"I'mma beat the f*ck outta you, n*gga. And that's on my motherfucking three kids."

From his perspective, people have no right to comment on situations from an outsider's view. He believes that women can push men to violence, relieving the "abuser" from absolute responsibility. His view may be biased, considering his admission of having been violent towards a woman.

"Nobody knows what happened between X and his girl. What I do know is that when a man loves and a woman loves a man, a woman can drive a man crazy and he might over-react and do something bad."

"I've slipped up before and slapped a woman. Does that make me a bad person? No."