Stormy Daniels stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night, and as expected, the interview got very sexual. The adult film actress has been thrust into the spotlight ever since it was discovered that she may have had an affair with Donald Trump in the early 2000's. While that doesn't disqualify Trump from being president, it does speak volumes about his character. Then again, if we were to damn every adulterer in America, it would take ages. 

Daniels has been on a press run for her book Full Disclosurewhich goes into detail about her sexual endeavors with Trump. She touched on the book while on Kimmel, answering questions about the affair which led to a hilarious display of mushrooms. Daniels has compared Trump's penis to the Mario Kart character Toadstool, which prompted Kimmel to produce a line up of orange mushrooms. He asked Daniels to pick out which of the mushrooms most compared to Trump's penis.  “Can you hold it up so it’s coming at me at the correct angle?” joked Daniels. The interview got even more revealing when Kimmel asked Stormy to spank him in the same manner that she did Trump. Check out their hilarious interaction below.