Stormy Daniels is known for undressing herself for a living, regularly stripping out of her clothing and undergarments in order to perform as both an exotic dancer and adult entertainer. It seems fitting that Daniels will now be venturing into the lingerie business, as her notoriety has surged exponentially since publicly confessing to having an affair with Donald Trump.

Daniels will be working with designer Helen Hoey, and their creations will be sold at PULCHRA in Beverly Hills. The retailer exclusively offers high-end lingerie, which is suitable for the porn star's own line of intimates that will allegedly cost over $100 USD per item.

The designs are described as being "edgy and sophisticated with vintage aesthetics." Daniels is expected to model her undergarments for promotional imagery, which will put a very notable face to this forthcoming lingerie line. 

Most recently, the actress has steered clear of the headlines, as no new bombshells admissions, allegations, or court rulings have permeated throughout the media, both print and digital.