Stormzy pulled out of a concert booking in Austria after reaching a boiling point with the organizers, whom he accused of racial profiling. Before he could manage his very own PSA regarding the cancelation, "Snowballing," the Austrian music festival in question, filed a statement of their own, condemning an unnamed "individual" whom they believed was carrying a concealed weapon on concert grounds.

"Snowbombing regrets to inform you that Stormzy will no longer be performing at the festival this evening," the festival's media dept. wrote on their webpage. "Last night (Wednesday 10th) Snowbombing's security were alerted to the possibility that an individual at the festival was allegedly carrying a weapon."

Gordon Stabbins/WireImage/Getty Images

While the festival's statement doesn't appear to say much about who was apprehended, Stormzy would later confirm that it was indeed his manager that underwent the spot check from a reportedly aggressive security staff.

The UK rapper spoke of the incident in the following Instagram story. As you'll see, Stormzy claims his entourage was targeted under false pretenses, but worse of all, when given the chance to remediate the situation, the organizers allegedly made "no effort from the festival to actually deal and address the problem."

It's now being reported that Snowbombing reps have since apologized for the manner in which they handled the situation. Their 2nd written statement was submitted to the Associated Press and not to Stormzy directly.

Image via NME