It was clear that underground Connecticut rapper Apathy was about to drop a dope album as soon he released the single "Moses" feat. Bun B and Twista. At last, Handshakes With Snakes has arrived in its entirety.

“This album, to me, is all about preserving the tradition of Hip Hop,” Apathy told The Source. “People say shit like that all the time, but I’m actually doing it. Hip hop is being altered and changed so far from what it was, that it ain’t the same shit anymore. Some say we’re old for thinking like that and that music is supposed to evolve, but there’s also something to be said for tradition, and preserving the real shit.

He continued: "The Handshakes With Snakes title is all about meeting phony ass fake people in this industry—industry heads and artists. Others such as myself are trying to carry on tradition.”

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