Ducko McFli's stock is quickly rising in this rap game, thanks to a co-sign from Mike WiLL Made It and a few choice placements, namely on Drake records. The producer recently put out his first single via Ear Drummers, the ambitious "I'm Serious" featuring Problem, Snootie Wild and Reese. We say "ambitious" because of the maniacal laughter that's sampled on the hard-hitting record. Not every producer would be brave enough to incorporate that, and a slew of other opposing elements, into an instrumental. However it's also a testament to Ducko's versatility-- he can go the experimental-banger route just as easily as he can create cloud rap or smoke-able mood music. The latter seems to dominate his new EP, featuring vocals from Two-9/Retro Sush!'s own Jace.

Ducko and Jace surprised fans with their new EP yesterday, Dreams, which is available to stream via Soundcloud below.

Meanwhile, Ducko McFli is also prepping a solo project called LowLife.