Father's new mixtape has finally arrived, a project destined to give us fits of laughter. The Awful Records CEO might be perceived as a bit of a wildcard eccentric to conventional rap fans, but the beat selection is telling, and the proverbs are refreshingly new. His period of inactivity allowed the rest of the rap community to catch up to his weird factor. "Got the yams, go that ass -- kick my feet up" is the newest entry in the player's manual, from the unlikeliest of sources.

The whole project is sponsored by the Adult Swim, whom he can thank for plenty of product placement throughout the network's programming. CiaraRae Sremmurd and J. Cole cover the spread over at ESPN, but Father has the funny folks in his pocket. Seems like an equal distribution of resources to me. Awful Swim is the first project to drop under the record label's new consignment with RCA Records. It features only three cameo spots from Awful squad members Slug Christ and Abra, in addition to a verse from Rico Nasty on the latter portion of the album. 

Give us your thoughts.

1. Mirror, Mirror
2. Boosie Fade
3. Sephiroth
4. We Had a Deal
5. Throw It
6. Private Show f. Slug Christ
7. Thotnite
8. Killa
9. On One f. Rico Nasty
10. Passion & Dogma
11. Only You
12. Lotto f. Abra
13. Dragons
14. She Used To
15. Wine