Yes, folks. Here it is. A brand new album from Frank Ocean, and not a "visual album," as with "Endless," released late Thurs. night (Aug. 18). The title of the new album isĀ Blonde, and notĀ Boy's Dont Cry, as had been rumored for over a year. Ocean hinted at the release ofĀ BlondeĀ earlier today with the stunning videoĀ to the song "Nikes," which is the opening track on the new LP. The album is exclusively available on Apple Music. Non-subscribers can listen to snippets of each of the album's 17 tracks below.Ā 

Thank you, Frank. Now please never put us through something like that ever again. WillĀ BlondeĀ have the same lasting power as its predecessor, Channel Orange? Listen and let us know your initial thoughts.Ā