In the realm of instrumental hip-hop, and in electronic music as well, Prefuse 73 is regarded as a legend, known for classic albums like One Word Extinguisher and Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives. If there's anything Prefuse hasn't done enough of, it's producing for hip-hop artists, which is why it was so exciting to hear him collaborate with the young adventurous Boston emcee known as Michael Christmas on July's "In My Shoes." Together, Christmas and Prefuse call themselves Fudge, and they've now released a full project: Lady Parts

Containing 15 tracks, Lady Parts includes features from Alex Mali, Pervana, and D.R.A.M., the latter whom appears on the standout track "All Points South." File this under: something completely different but also faintly familiar. The off-the-cuff lyrics are zany but relatable, and though the sounds are often otherworldly, there's a producer/emcee chemistry that can be readily appreciated by classic hip-hop heads. 

Stream Lady Parts below, via Lex Records, and purchase the album here.