As if Kendrick Lamar’s surprise untitled unmastered project wasn’t enough for you, Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz’ new joint effort, Collegrove, was also just made available for purchase on iTunes as well.

First announced back in November, the 13–track project looks to feature mostly 2 Chainz with Lil Wayne assisting him on 8 of the records. Led by the previously heard single “Gotta Lotta,” & “Rolls Royce Weather Everyday,” which was debuted on Fallon a few weeks back, Collegrove can now be streamed in its entirety thanks to the good folks at Spotify.

Suggest you roll something up and take a close listen. What track are you’re feeling’ the most?

1. "Dedication"
2. "Smell Like Money" f/ Lil Wayne
3. "Bounce" f/ Lil Wayne
4. "Gotta Lotta" f/ Lil Wayne
5. "MFN Right"
6. "Blue C-Note" f/ Lil Wayne
7. "Not Invited"
8. "Bentley Truck" f/ Lil Wayne
9. "100 Joints"
10. "Rolls Royce Weather Every Day" f/ Lil Wayne
11. "What Happened" f/ Lil Wayne
12. "Section" f/ Lil Wayne
13. "Watch Out"