Many have been tuning in for updates on the 24-year-old stripper who suffered a serious accident while performing a week ago. Genea Sky was doing a routine to 21 Savage's "Immortal" at Dallas' XTC Cabaret when she fell from atop a 15-foot pole, landing face-first on the stage. Footage of the incident went viral, as people watched in horror and amazement at how she continued twerking after making her ungraceful descent. On Friday, Wendy Williams brought Sky onto her talk show to discuss her experience and recovery. 

After Sky detailed her injuries on social media, her friend set up a GoFundMe page to help Sky cover medical expenses and help provide for herself while out of commission. The page attracted many donors, especially after it was reported that the strip club she worked at claimed no responsibility for her accident. Despite not being legally accountable and Sky not being a full-time employee with benefits, she told Williams that the club has pledged to offer financial assistance (the sum of which has not yet been determined). At the end of the interview, a large $10,000 check was presented to Sky in order to fund her schooling to become an aesthetician. 

When asked whether she will return to stripping post-recovery, Sky emphatically responded in the negative. "No I'm done," she said through a wired-shut jaw. "There is still something I really really wanted to say. If anything at all, I'm taking this as a blessing. I've been praying to get out of this strip club for a very long time."

Before the discussion came to a close, Sky wished to share one final, crucial message. "First and foremost, I just want to take the time to kind of highlight the fact that, as a dancer, we get dehumanized all the time. I've had people in my DMs telling me I should have died - they wish i did. I have people acting like they know who I am as a person and they have no idea who I am. I carry myself with the utmost respect and positivity."