Daredevil getting canceled over at streaming giant Netflix raised quite a few eyebrows. When Netflix decided to ax Iron Fist, we all thought that made sense. The first season was lukewarm, at best, and although the second season was an improvement it still wasn't top-notch content. Then, Netflix canceled Luke Cage. That shook up the internet a bit because Cage was miles better than Iron Fist. The bulletproof hero's departure weighed heavy on many, but it was soon brushed under the rug. Then, Netflix canceled Daredevil, and fans decided they had enough. As reported by Deadline, a new report from Parrot Analytics reveals that Daredevil ranked fourth just last week in viewer demand among every single digital original in the US. 

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The only three original digital series in the US that ranked higher than Daredevil in viewership were NarcosThe Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Stranger Things. As you can tell, Netflix has a stranglehold on the digital streaming demand. The study measured “desire, engagement and viewership" to come up with their calculations. Daredevil finished November's final week with close to 30 million on-demand expressions. Deadline reports that Netflix has "zero ownership stake in the IP" of the Marvel shows on their platform. That hurts, especially since Netflix paid for the production of the Marvel shows. Disney will be launching their own streaming service, Disney+, next year. Their content will slowly be pulled off Netflix, and it appears that the streaming giant has no qualms with that.