Stunna 4 Vegas was arrested by police officers in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Saturday, and recorded the ordeal on Instagram live. Officers instructed Vegas to "put the phone in the pocket” during the broadcast, but the rapper continued to film.

“What you resisting me for?” Vegas asked for arresting officers.

“I’m not resisting you for anything," the officer remarked.

Stunna 4 Vegas, Arrest
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

“What you putting handcuffs on me for?" Vegas continued. "He’s so mad I tip my nieces and nephews. You better stop grabbing me like that! Them folks ain’t paying you enough to got-damn be doing all that.”

Eventually, one of the officers provides an answer during the IG live session: “You’re under arrest for driving with a suspended license – I just told you right now so you can shut up!”

“For running the stop sign,” they added.

Before the video ends, Vegas yells out “He’s a clown! Damn, I hate clowns!”

Vegas signed to DaBaby’s Billion Dollar Entertainment label back in 2019 and is responsible for a number of hits including "Animal," featuring DaBaby, and "Up The Smoke" featuring Offset. He recently appeared on "Like A Pimp" off of Lil Zay Osama's newest project, Trench Baby

Check out a clip from the stream below.