In the wake of their excellent Beloved album, Styles P and Dave East hit the Hot 97 studios for a discussion. Given the ongoing fallout from Drake's detailed conversation with LeBron James, it seems only natural that the crew would discuss the rules of engagement in hip-hop beef - or lack thereof. 

Ebro refers to a post Styles made, in which he wrote: "nothing is wrong with not engaging in warfare, it's actually the wiser thing to do. But never engage and expect rules, with rap or the streets." Styles P elaborates on his stance, specifically where it pertains to rap-battles. "There were a couple of factors [Drake] left out," says Styles. "Pusha T just dropped an album. [Drake] dropped a diss record the next day, and mentioned his wife. Now he could have not did a record and straight up punch Drake in the face when he sees him. Cause that's a violation. He's about to get married, you don't know how his wife feel. You threw her in the battle, and then you asking him to follow a guideline?"

Pinero continues, explaining that Pusha T's veteran status make him a uniquely formidable foe. "There's no rules in this. He's heard it all. And to Drake, you the biggest guy in the game, just chill, there's nothing wrong with that." He makes sure to clarify that he has nothing against Drake, but does raise a question: "how does a guy say what's the rules in a rap battle, that had a ghostwriter before? That's not fair, dawg. You letting a dude who had a ghostwriter now say what we can do in the dirt?"

Both Styles and Dave East continue to break down the rules of beef, with a sense of authenticity that permeates their recent Beloved album. It's crazy to think that Drake's ghostwriter allegations will continue to haunt him for the remainder of his career. What do you think? Is Styles right, or did Pusha T cross a line by mentioning 40? Still, Styles maintains that Pusha had to come out swinging, especially after Drake responded to "Infrared" in a mere day's time. "If Pusha didn't go that hard, you'd have said he's washed, Drake killed him in a day. He had no choice!"