Marvel's Spider-Man is set to touch down on Friday, and gamers couldn't be more excited. For the past several years, DC led the superhero video game genre with the Batman Arkham series. Now, Marvel is aiming to steal some of the spotlight back with their new Spider-Man game. Much like the Arkham games, Marvel's Spider-Man will employ engines that can propel the power and possibilities of open-world video games. Previews and first-look reviews of the game are mostly positive, and LOX member Styles P recently got his hands on the game. 

Marvel invited Styles P to sit down for their Let’s Play segment, and the veteran rapper was fully entertained with the latest Spider-Man game. After swinging through the city, running into walls, and speaking with New York residents, Styles takes on some villains. He destroys groups of bad guys with spirited cheers of "WHAT!" and "OH NAH BRO!" His comical and animated responses are refreshing to see, as we've known Styles as a no-nonsense kind of man for most of his career. Styles invited his son Noah along for the free-play session, and the young dread head takes on Shocker in an intense boss battle for the final segment. Check out the full video below.