Things haven't been working in Suge Knight's favor these days. The former Death Row CEO has dealt with some medical and legal issues over the past few years. Suge's currently awaiting trial for murder after running over two men and killing one in a hit-and-run. He's pleaded guilty to all the charges but he still stuck behind bars. Now, Suge is seeking to get out of jail for a day following some unfortunate news that surfaced last night.

Suge Knight is hoping the court will be sympathetic towards his plea of getting a  "get out of jail" card so he could attend his mother's funeral, TMZ reports. Suge's mother, Maxine Chatman, passed away last night at a hospital in Paramount, CA. They say she was surrounded by family at the time of her passing. Chatman's health has been in a rocky place over the past month. A month a go, she reportedly suffered a stroke and her health worsened over time. Her lungs collapsed in the time leading up to her death and she had a kidney failure. Chatman died at 77 years old.

Suge Knight and his family trying to let the court let him out of prison in order for him to reunite with his family in order to attend his mother's funeral. It's unsure what the court has said yet but we'll keep you posted.