Suge J Knight has caused some buzz with his claims about Tupac Shakur. First, he denied the West Coast rapper's death. Then, he announced that Pac was not only alive and well, but he was actually in the process of making new music. The social media post earned quite a few sly comments, outrage, and side-eyeing. Despite the overwhelming response that mostly leaned toward disbelief, The New Deathrow saga continues.

Junior recently announced that he is on the lookout for talent to produce the project he claims 2pac is crafting. He issues a callout on social media that read: "I need the hottest producer to work on a project for Pac." The caption reiterates this information without any contact information. One can assume that his DMs are open to talent. 

He also took some time to aim at those who accuse him of being on drugs, including DJ Akademiks. The media personality echoed the comments of many critics when he shared Knight's post with an unflattering caption. Junior responded by asking, "why the young black moguls gotta be on drugs?" He continued by drawing a parallel between himself and another controversial figure in Hip Hop. "First Soulja boy now it’s Suge."