AJ Johnson was offered the opportunity to star in Dr. Dre's video "Dre Day," which happened to be a diss track. He played a character named Sleazy-E,  a mockery of Dre's former collaborator Eazy-E. Although this work was welcomed by the up and coming comedian at the time, the offer that followed caused some unanticipated drama for Johnson.

Eazy-E's reaction to the video was slightly surprising as he completely embraced the character. The rapper decided to hire Johnson to play the part again. This time, however, he would be in Eazy-E's video for "Real Compton City G's" and would come to a murderous demise by its end.

In comes Suge Knight, who called in the young humourist after hearing of this new casting. Since Eazy's shoot had yet to be completed, Knight urged the actor to halt the production by bailing. He used his gun for emphasis.

In an interview with Vlad TV, Johnson recalls the fright that compelled him to quit.

"I went and told E. I was like, 'Man, I can't finish the video.'"

The comedian goes on to explain the creative solution they found in order to complete the video production: a second Sleazy-E.

"I call Arnez J. So Arnez J finished the video [...] So in the first half is me and in the second half is Earnest J [...] I had to give the money that Eazy gave me."