It looks like Summer Walker and London on da Track are officially off-again after the renowned R&B singer aired out the father of her child on Instagram Stories. Throughout the last year, Summer and London have broken up more times than we can count, and each time, they've managed to put aside their toxic differences to get back together. Have they finally encountered the final straw?

On Wednesday morning, Summer Walker took to her alternate Instagram page to put her baby daddy on blast, telling all women to avoid men like the famed producer. Sharing one of his recent tweets about someone "casually forgetting" his help now that they're in a better position, Summer commented and threw shots.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

"Ladies run from this type of man," she said about her ex-boyfriend. "A man that believes you are NOTHING without them from the start till the end will never want you to be anything without them. They will sabotage anything you do solo and envy you once you begin to stand on your own 2 feet. That's not real love, that's control. Big narcissist vibes."

She wasn't done there though, sharing some more words for London on da Track.

"& why would you want the mother of your child to soon 'dry out' so that I can't provide for her," she asked. "[laughing face emoji] lmaooo n***as is weird. If you ain't the captain of the ship it's just sink the whole ship lmao. Okay I'm done."

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