Say hello to hip-hop's most up-and-down couple lately: Summer Walker and London On Da Track.

The two musicians have been romantically linked for over a year, collaborating hand-in-hand for Summer's debut studio album, Over It. They seemingly painted a picture of love, but that was before controversy became the third wheel in their relationship. London was accused of domestic violence by the fans after he was seen putting his hands around Summer's throat on social media. Then, they allegedly split before reuniting and breaking up shortly after again. They've now been on-again-off-again for a few months, but it looks like they're definitely on the right side of things at this current moment.

Summer Walker London On Da Track
Prince Williams/Getty Images

Sharing with the world that they're officially back together, Summer Walker and London On Da Track posed for some very sexy pictures in the studio.

"Everything we make together is so beautiful to me," wrote Summer on Instagram, straddling her boyfriend in a series of suggestive images. "He’s was the missing puzzle piece to creating, so talented."

The couple apparently broke up last month, quietly going their separate ways and keeping the other in their good books for future collaborations. Friendship just doesn't seem like it's in the cards for them though.

Do you think they're a good match or do they need to scoot on away from each other?