If there is one thing we know for certain about Summer Walker, it's that she is not afraid to speak her mind on social media. Whether it be dragging her on-again-off-again boyfriend and baby daddy, London On Da Track, calling out his baby mamas, or simply venting, Walker has no shame in airing out her dirty laundry or sharing her thoughts with fan, no matter who it may offend. She likes to stir the pot — keep things spicy.

This time, she slammed an entire generation of people — her generation — and confessed she wishes she were a child of the '60s in a recent Instagram story.

While every generation has had its faults, Walker seems to think that social media has ruined hers. I'm not so sure the '60s would be the best alternative, considering that is when the Civil War took place, as well as the Vietnam War, and the assassination of Martin Luther King, but go off, Summer.

"This generation is so fake," she wrote. "I should have been born in the '90s," she added. To clarify, Walker was born in the '90s. We assume she meant "grew up in." I digress. "It's past the surgery like ig really got plp out here livin full blown facades," she went on. "Flexin & ppl think it's cool and cute to be fake."

"Scratch that the '60s," she wrote in a separate Instagram story.